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For personal or business starter who needs to finds and measures specific area for site opening, closing, or relocation.

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1,000,000 IDRSave 50% for life!

499,000 IDR

/ site

Travel distance 1km

Market composition

Neighborhood information

Economic profile

Qualitative summary

Tabular & PDF report

Enabled direct payment, no credit card required.


Needs more than basic plan which are require to do in-depth on area feasibility analysis materials.

2,500,000 IDR

/ site

All Basic plan features

Wider catchment area size

Area feasibility measurement

Currently this request will be processed manually.
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More focus on business expansion strategic planning use case, therefore it’s more suitable for medium to enterprise-sized companies which already have existing sites.
Free Trial 1 Month

60,000 IDR

/ month (per managed site)
10,000,000 IDR – Setup fee 1x

1 Year minimum contract

Dedicated server option for enterprise package
Transparent pricing as pay what you use
Business data privacy and protection
Monday to Friday, 10/5 business hours commitment, please refer to our SLA
Open for mutual data and service partnership
API & Integration support assistance
Let us know your requirements, in-order to help you to explore and utilize more.

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