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GeoTency Business Edition is your gateway to advanced solutions for strategic business expansion. Tailored for enterprises operating across multiple locations, our web application empowers you with the tools to optimize your growth strategies. With a focus on geographical insights, we help you harness the vast potential of Indonesia’s diverse market landscape.

GeoTency Business Edition is designed to address the unique challenges of multi-location businesses and enterprises. Whether you’re planning expansions or optimizing your existing network, our user-friendly web application simplifies the process of profiling your business across diverse geographical areas. Through advanced analysis, we provide you with a comprehensive formula to estimate the potential of specific markets.

For Established Businesses with Multiple Locations
  • Managing multiple locations in Indonesia’s diverse market can be challenging.
  • GBE provides a comprehensive solution with a centralized dashboard, site catchment analysis, and performance evaluation tools.
  • Make informed decisions about expanding to new areas, optimizing site selection, and improving overall performance, resulting in cost savings and increased profitability.
Centralized Dashboard for Retail Chain Expansion
Business Use Case: Expanding a Retail Chain Across Multiple Locations

Scenario: A retail chain with stores in various cities across Indonesia plans to expand its presence. They need a centralized solution to monitor and manage their expansion strategy efficiently.

How GBE Can Help

Centralized Dashboard: GeoTency Business Edition offers a centralized dashboard that allows the retail chain to integrate and manage customer sales data from all their locations. This dashboard provides real-time insights into sales performance, customer demographics, and inventory levels,  helping the chain make data-driven decisions about opening new stores and optimizing existing ones.

Site Catchment Analysis for Restaurant Chain
Business Use Case: Expanding a Restaurant Chain to New Cities

Scenario: A restaurant chain is considering expanding its brand to cities where they don’t currently have a presence. They want to identify the best locations within these cities to maximize customer traffic and revenue.

How GBE Can Help

Site Catchment Analysis: GeoTency Business Edition enables the restaurant chain to conduct detailed site catchment analyses. By evaluating factors like foot traffic, competitor proximity, and customer demographics, they can pinpoint the most strategic locations within new cities for opening new restaurants, ensuring a strong customer base and higher profitability.

Performance Evaluation for Franchise Network
Business Use Case: Managing a Franchise Network

Scenario: A company with a franchise network across multiple regions in Indonesia wants to assess the performance of individual franchise locations
to optimize their network.

How GBE Can Help

Performance Evaluation: GeoTency Business Edition provides tools for evaluating the performance of each franchise location based on factors like Sales Rolling Moving Average (RMAVG) and market demands aggregation for specified product on target area. The company can use these insights to identify under-performing locations, implement
necessary improvements, and make informed decisions about opening new franchises in high-potential areas.

Geohash Catchment Analysis for Hotel Chain
Business Use Case: Expanding a Hotel Chain Across Province

Scenario: A hotel chain plans to expand its presence from one region of Greater Jakarta & West Java to another. They want to understand the geographical nuances of each area and how they can adapt their marketing and pricing strategies accordingly.

How GBE Can Help

Geohash Catchment Analysis & HeatMap Visualization: GeoTency Business Edition offers geohash catchment analysis, which allows the hotel chain to analyze regional variations in customer behavior, preferences, and market conditions. This information helps them tailor their marketing campaigns, pricing strategies, and guest experiences to better align with the unique characteristics of each region.

Securing Business By Streamlining Product Distribution on Precise Market

Strategic Insights
Data-Driven Decisions
Gain a deeper understanding of market potential across diverse areas.
Optimized Expansion
Competitive Advantage
Make informed decisions for site selection and expansion strategies.
Utilize data integration and historical analysis for accurate results.
Tailored Evaluation
Cost Savings
Customize your approach based on specific business needs.
  • Strategic Insights: Gain a deeper understanding of market potential across diverse areas.
  • Optimized Expansion: Make informed decisions for site selection and expansion strategies.
  • Data-Driven: Utilize data integration and historical analysis for accurate results.
  • Tailored Evaluation: Customize your approach based on specific business needs.
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